What’s New at The Factory at Franklin!

Summer is here and we have some hot updates for you! Join us welcoming our latest merchants and restaurants to the Factory!

Mojo’s Tacos-

It’s all about the tacos…chef-driven recipes made with fresh meats and produce, sauces created daily from scratch, handmade tortillas, and the signature “puffy” shell. Quench your thirst with a full selection of craft tequila and local beers, or satisfy your sweet tooth with all natural paleta popsicles! Stop by to experience a fresh and innovative taco shop with a Tennessee twist.


The Blockhouse-

The Blockhouse is a men’s salon and barber shop that redefines the term “full service”! The industrial inspired man cave creates a relaxing atmosphere that transforms a traditional haircut into an experience. Sit back and unwind at the full service bar, or simply lounge around and catch up with the guys! Either way, The Blockhouse is a place where every man can feel welcomed, and leave looking good!


Carnivore Meat Company-

A full service butcher shop slicing up fresh meats, as well as several selections of beef jerky, salamis, and house-made sausages. Their speciality is a hand-cut dry aged South African selection called biltong, which is essentially a dried beef steak! Also at Carnivore, is their sub shop where you can order delicious sandwiches that’ll make your mouth water!


Funk Seoul Brother!-

What started off as a small food truck operation, is now one of the newest restaurants at the Factory! Voted as the 16th “Best Food Truck in America” by The Daily Meal, Funk Seoul Brother is a Korean and Japanese restaurant with street food flair. From Korean Fried Chicken to Kimchi Crack Bop, the menu offers a variety of unique dishes for you to try!   


The Franklin Forge

Franklin Forge is a blacksmith company located just outside of Building 12 behind Building 14.

Tala Jewelry

Meet Franklin’s One-Of-A-Kind Jeweler


Four generations and 7,000 miles away, the foundation for Tala Jewelry was built. Fast forward 30 years, and Tala Jewelry is now thriving in the Factory at Franklin.

Four generations of jewelers have laid the foundation for the expertise, quality, and commitment Mohsen has set as a standard for his family store, Tala Jewelry. Before venturing on his own, Mohsen and his brother owned a jewelry store in Iran, where large quantities of gold, platinum, and diamond products were produced.


After moving to the United States, Mohsen remained in his profession as a jeweler and decided to open his own store in 2010. Having spent more than 30 years in the jewelry business, Mohsen set out to open a jewelry store with a local family feel.

“When my wife and I were looking at a place to open up our store, we wanted a local area where we can serve the needs of our community and be a local down-to-Earth jeweler,” Mohsen said.


He and his family felt that The Factory at Franklin was the perfect place, and since then their business has blossomed.

“Since we have been in the factory, the community and our customers have been so nice and welcoming to us. Every year our customer base grows larger and larger. We mostly rely on our customers’ word of mouth for advertising, and I know that we will grow even more this year and years to come.”

Specializing in one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry, Mohsen works with his customers on a personal basis to create unique pieces that tell a timeless story. Because he understands just how precious diamonds and family heirlooms are, his open set up allows customers to view each jeweler as they create, resize, or repair jewelry. In a hurry? In town traveling? Mohsen also offers same day and express repairs! Stop by The Factory at Franklin, and let Mohsen handle all your jewelry needs.

Lucky Scruff

Meet Franklin’s Bearded Business Brothers!


While searching for the perfect beard care solution, Corey Allen quickly realized finding all-natural products that he liked was nearly impossible. Little did he know, what he was looking for would be found in his kitchen.


After months of research and testing various natural oils, the perfect formula was created, and Lucky Scruff was born.

In 5 short years, what started as an online business quickly grew into a “Monthly Beard Club” subscription service. Because of its success, Corey partnered with his brother Jon, and together they opened their first retail location in Franklin, TN.


“The Factory is the place where we felt like we could not only have a retail location but it would be an appropriate setting for us to manufacture our products as well”, Jon said.  “We loved the idea of being able to come in and watch us make our products and even provide custom beard care on the spot”.

Corey believes that maintaining your beard also means caring for the skin underneath. That’s why Lucky Scruff’s beard balms contain lanolin, which helps lock in skin moisture while increasing elasticity.

Using sweet almond oil as a base, all of their products are handcrafted with the finest blends of natural oils. This ensures that your beard stays moisturized without feeling greasy, nor weighing it down.

Because their products are handcrafted, Lucky Scruff allows you to customize product scents. Whether you prefer soft and subtle, or bold and daring, the ideal scent can be crafted for you. Stop by The Factory at Franklin to have your custom beard care products made!


Fine Art by Deann

Artist. Wife. Mama. Believer.  These are all words Deann uses to paint a picture of who she is, but there are far more layers that came together to create Fine Art by Deann, her studio nestled into The Factory at Franklin.

Deann says she draws inspiration from the local landscape, colors and textures from Middle Tennessee, and many other aspects of the South. She says she believes that having an open space studio at The Factory has allowed her to feel inspired every day, while also having the opportunity to meet the wonderful people who live nearby or pass through her studio.

“The Factory charm, with its old barn wood walls and cement floors, has really played a big role in shaping my creativity and influencing me,” she said. “The history of Franklin is such a strong part of its community and roots.”

Although she was able to transform an abandoned stove and mattress factory into her creative home for the past 15 years, her passion for art has always played a major role in her life.


Growing up, Deann knew early on that she wanted to become an artist. She fueled her passion by receiving her BFA in Graphic Design while minoring in Art History from Auburn University. This accomplishment landed her the opportunity of a lifetime to study fine art at the Chelsea School of Art and Design in London, England. After several years of working as a graphic artist, Deann decided to sell her paintings at local art festivals, which proved to be a great idea. Because of her faith, Deann says she decided to trust the process, which elevated her art from “side hustle” to “sold out.” Overwhelmed yet grateful, Deann decided to trade in her corporate high heels and go all in.

“The purpose of life is to find your gift and use it to bless as many people as you can,” she said.

Her most popular pieces of art to date are angels, florals, and rustic barn scenes. She uses a form of impasto and palette knives to create rustic compositions that have resonated with her loyal customers.

To date, Deann has collaborated with Country Living Magazine, HGTV, Pottery Barn, and Anthropologie as well as local nonprofits and ministries to share her gift with others. Deann would love to share her gifts with you. Stop by The Factory at Franklin and take home one of Deann’s designs today!


Meet Made in TN: Giving New Meaning to “Shop Local”

Inspired by their love of Tennessee and their desire to support local businesses, Ilex Pounders and his wife Sarah struck out on their own to open Made In TN. The idea for the store was born when Ilex needed a gift for his clients and decided to put together a Nashville-themed basket full of products made right here in the Volunteer state. His baskets were well received, which led him to the assumption that other people might be interested in sending a little bit of Tennessee to their friends and family around the country.

His hunch was right. Ilex and Sarah started out small with an online retail store that gave shoppers an easy way to deliver a “taste of Tennessee” right to the recipient’s doorstep. Less than a year later, in November of 2017, they opened a fully operating brick and mortar store housed in the historic Factory in Franklin.


Prior to opening their store, Ilex and Sarah were already sold on the location. They regularly spent time enjoying the other local businesses in the Factory, so when a space became available, they didn’t hesitate. They saw an opportunity to grow their businesses in a location that spoke to their community-driven brand. Their space was previously occupied by a couple who sold locally-made chocolates and toffee, so the transition made perfect sense.

The Pounderses value the history of The Factory and love that Franklin is still synonymous with small town charm and southern hospitality. The character of each locally-made product they source blends seamlessly with the character inherent in Franklin, and they are thrilled to be part of it.

Every product in the store is made or designed in Tennessee, from specialty items that are made by hand in small batches to Nashville classics like GooGoo Clusters. Inventory rotates on a seasonal basis so that the wide breadth of local  products have a chance to be represented and new items are introduced throughout the year. Stop by to pick up a treat for yourself or get a gift for a friend, client, teacher or guest. You can find everything from state pride items like Franklin Tea Towels and Nashville scented candles to handmade baby blankets and artisan chocolates.

Made in TN has partnered with the most creative local makers to bring you the best products our state has to offer. While they already stock a variety of items that you can’t get anywhere else, there are even more exclusive finds on the way!

Support Made In TN and share in Ilex and Sarah’s commitment to support local businesses and their community.

Life is Sweet: The Story of Five Daughter’s Bakery

The big question: who knew? Who knew that what started off as a donut and pastry stand would turn into a bakery with four locations, with another location planning on opening in 2018? Who knew that the owners of this bakery would have 5 children: all girls. It’s hard to know what great things life will bring you. For Five Daughters Bakery owners, Isaac and Stephanie Meeks, there was a point when owning an extremely successful bakery was not part of the plan. But Isaac, who was working a successful corporate job, knew there had to be something more to life. Something more meaningful. Something different. So when the food-loving couple created the ‘croissant donut’ and had it sold in a local coffee shop within 4 days, something life-changing was taking place; Isaac and Stephanie just didn’t know quite yet exactly what that change would bring.

Within two months of creating their first donut, Isaac and Stephanie decided to open up shop officially on February 14, 2015. The first step on the road to their success was the opening of a booth on Saturday mornings here at the Factory at Franklin. They began selling 100 layer and paleo donuts to a large following of fans. Not soon after, a line stretched the entire length of The Factory’s lobby! Something great was definitely happening. Not long after, Isaac and Stephanie were able to install a commercial kitchen in this original location and the rest is history. The bakery would quickly grow into four other locations, with another one slated to open in 2018.

The famous 100 Layer Donut is now offered in a plethora of delicious staple flavors such as Maple Glaze and Vanilla Sugar. Five Daughters bakery also has many donuts on seasonal rotation. Any pumpkin spice lovers out there? If so, this is where you come in! On the list of rotated items, you can find many favorites such as Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake, Apple Crumble and of course, Pumpkin Spice! Come quickly though, because these popular seasonal flavors will not last forever.

When asked what the best part about being part of The Factory family, the two answered loud and clear with: clientele, family atmosphere and the great opportunity for growth. All Isaac and Stephanie needed was a chance to succeed. The Factory was so happy to give them that chance, and what started off as a motto for the bakery has now turned into a mission: “Nothing is sweeter than family.”

Whether it be the ingredients that go into the pastries or serving the community, family is the most important aspect of the Five Daughters Bakery mission. A community really is just one big family and because of this, treating the community like family is what Isaac and Stephanie live for… Being able to share the experience with their five daughters makes the journey even sweeter.

If you appreciate sweet treats and family the same way Five Daughters Bakery does, then this is the bakery for you! Everything Five Daughters does is with the mission of family first. As a member of the Franklin community, you are apart of that family. So come on in and enjoy a donut and share a story! We can’t wait to meet you!

A Modified Purpose: Reclaimed Wood & Antiques at CR-71

It’s funny, isn’t it? How one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. This has always been a ‘cliche’ for handpicked antiques.. but what is cliche is often born out of truth. And what about other old things? What about reclaimed wood? Not just any wood that you can get from the lumber yard, mind you, but wood that was simply forgotten. Abandoned. Wood from structures that served as major building blocks for the community that now lay hidden underneath the overgrowth. Simply put, can the reclaimed wood from an abandoned structure be recycled into something beautiful and made new? The simple answer is yes. At CR-71, from the community the wood comes and back to the community it goes. Except this time, with a whole new purpose.

It only takes the creative eye of one person to completely change something and give it new spin, a new life. So, when CR-71 owners Craig, a former NFL player with a love for antique picking, and Rick, a general contractor with a passion for carpentry, originally met it was under the umbrella of one common goal: serve the community by offering the best antique pickings of anywhere around. Craig and Rick went to work hard making hand-made furniture with reclaimed wood, and with a storefront at The Factory, this common goal was made possible.

Everything Craig and Rick do keep this mission in mind. The idea that not everything is what is appears to be (new or old) is an important lesson that all their items hold close and are clearly shown through their craftsmanship. What is one thing to someone might be something completely different to someone else. Just like our purpose in life might change as we grow older, so does the purpose for other items in our world. Anything is possible.

If you are looking for hand-crafted furniture made from reclaimed wood, or a hand-chosen antique picked from collections from all over the country, then CR-71 is the store for you. Have an idea for something but not sure how to make it come to life? Even better! Craig and Rick live for helping you bring your creative ideas to life. When they say they can build anything, they mean it! Stop by sometime and talk with the staff. All merchandise is crafted or picked with the purpose of inspiring others to creatively discover their multitude of purposes in the world.