Fine Art by Deann

Artist. Wife. Mama. Believer.  These are all words Deann uses to paint a picture of who she is, but there are far more layers that came together to create Fine Art by Deann, her studio nestled into The Factory at Franklin.

Deann says she draws inspiration from the local landscape, colors and textures from Middle Tennessee, and many other aspects of the South. She says she believes that having an open space studio at The Factory has allowed her to feel inspired every day, while also having the opportunity to meet the wonderful people who live nearby or pass through her studio.

“The Factory charm, with its old barn wood walls and cement floors, has really played a big role in shaping my creativity and influencing me,” she said. “The history of Franklin is such a strong part of its community and roots.”

Although she was able to transform an abandoned stove and mattress factory into her creative home for the past 15 years, her passion for art has always played a major role in her life.


Growing up, Deann knew early on that she wanted to become an artist. She fueled her passion by receiving her BFA in Graphic Design while minoring in Art History from Auburn University. This accomplishment landed her the opportunity of a lifetime to study fine art at the Chelsea School of Art and Design in London, England. After several years of working as a graphic artist, Deann decided to sell her paintings at local art festivals, which proved to be a great idea. Because of her faith, Deann says she decided to trust the process, which elevated her art from “side hustle” to “sold out.” Overwhelmed yet grateful, Deann decided to trade in her corporate high heels and go all in.

“The purpose of life is to find your gift and use it to bless as many people as you can,” she said.

Her most popular pieces of art to date are angels, florals, and rustic barn scenes. She uses a form of impasto and palette knives to create rustic compositions that have resonated with her loyal customers.

To date, Deann has collaborated with Country Living Magazine, HGTV, Pottery Barn, and Anthropologie as well as local nonprofits and ministries to share her gift with others. Deann would love to share her gifts with you. Stop by The Factory at Franklin and take home one of Deann’s designs today!