Join Us for Jars Of Clay’s Family Christmas in Liberty Hall

Friday Dec 1st from 7-9pm

at The Factory at Franklin

Join us in Liberty Hall as Jars Of Clay brings their popular Christmas show back to Franklin. The multi-platinum, multi-Grammy winning band will be performing Christmas classics and fan favorites. It will be an evening filled with holiday spirit and lots of exciting musical collaborations as they take to the stage with old and new friends alike.

This is an all ages show and children under 4 do not need a ticket. Kickoff your family’s holiday with an inspiring live concert with Jars of Clay and enjoy the festive atmosphere that Liberty Hall has to offer.

For tickets:

Studio Tenn Presents C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

12/1 – 12/23 @ Jamison Theater

Join us in December for Studio Tenn’s magical recreation of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, performed live on stage at the Jamison Theater in the Factory at Franklin. It will run daily with weekend matinees from Dec 1-23.

This production is meant for all ages, so bring your children and watch as they are transported into a world where animals talk, elves walk, and the white witch rules the magical, winter landscape. The play comes to life through the use of puppetry and creative artistry – the effect is a spellbinding production that is perfect for the holidays.

If that isn’t compelling enough, Studio Tenn is partnering with the Williamson County Chapter of Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA). They encourage all who attend the play from Dec 1-10 to bring new coats for kids, sizes 6 months to 12 youth. All coats will be donated to CASA.  

Tickets to A Studio Tenn Christmas are on sale now and can be purchased at or by calling (615) 541-8200.


Life is Sweet: The Story of Five Daughter’s Bakery

The big question: who knew? Who knew that what started off as a donut and pastry stand would turn into a bakery with four locations, with another location planning on opening in 2018? Who knew that the owners of this bakery would have 5 children: all girls. It’s hard to know what great things life will bring you. For Five Daughters Bakery owners, Isaac and Stephanie Meeks, there was a point when owning an extremely successful bakery was not part of the plan. But Isaac, who was working a successful corporate job, knew there had to be something more to life. Something more meaningful. Something different. So when the food-loving couple created the ‘croissant donut’ and had it sold in a local coffee shop within 4 days, something life-changing was taking place; Isaac and Stephanie just didn’t know quite yet exactly what that change would bring.

Within two months of creating their first donut, Isaac and Stephanie decided to open up shop officially on February 14, 2015. The first step on the road to their success was the opening of a booth on Saturday mornings here at the Factory at Franklin. They began selling 100 layer and paleo donuts to a large following of fans. Not soon after, a line stretched the entire length of The Factory’s lobby! Something great was definitely happening. Not long after, Isaac and Stephanie were able to install a commercial kitchen in this original location and the rest is history. The bakery would quickly grow into four other locations, with another one slated to open in 2018.

The famous 100 Layer Donut is now offered in a plethora of delicious staple flavors such as Maple Glaze and Vanilla Sugar. Five Daughters bakery also has many donuts on seasonal rotation. Any pumpkin spice lovers out there? If so, this is where you come in! On the list of rotated items, you can find many favorites such as Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake, Apple Crumble and of course, Pumpkin Spice! Come quickly though, because these popular seasonal flavors will not last forever.

When asked what the best part about being part of The Factory family, the two answered loud and clear with: clientele, family atmosphere and the great opportunity for growth. All Isaac and Stephanie needed was a chance to succeed. The Factory was so happy to give them that chance, and what started off as a motto for the bakery has now turned into a mission: “Nothing is sweeter than family.”

Whether it be the ingredients that go into the pastries or serving the community, family is the most important aspect of the Five Daughters Bakery mission. A community really is just one big family and because of this, treating the community like family is what Isaac and Stephanie live for… Being able to share the experience with their five daughters makes the journey even sweeter.

If you appreciate sweet treats and family the same way Five Daughters Bakery does, then this is the bakery for you! Everything Five Daughters does is with the mission of family first. As a member of the Franklin community, you are apart of that family. So come on in and enjoy a donut and share a story! We can’t wait to meet you!

Anthem Republic

Anthem Republic is an advertising agency of highly focused, results-driven creative experts. Led by Detroit-native Brad Ayers, Anthem Republic brings powerful ideas to life through their experience and inspired strategies.

A Modified Purpose: Reclaimed Wood & Antiques at CR-71

It’s funny, isn’t it? How one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. This has always been a ‘cliche’ for handpicked antiques.. but what is cliche is often born out of truth. And what about other old things? What about reclaimed wood? Not just any wood that you can get from the lumber yard, mind you, but wood that was simply forgotten. Abandoned. Wood from structures that served as major building blocks for the community that now lay hidden underneath the overgrowth. Simply put, can the reclaimed wood from an abandoned structure be recycled into something beautiful and made new? The simple answer is yes. At CR-71, from the community the wood comes and back to the community it goes. Except this time, with a whole new purpose.

It only takes the creative eye of one person to completely change something and give it new spin, a new life. So, when CR-71 owners Craig, a former NFL player with a love for antique picking, and Rick, a general contractor with a passion for carpentry, originally met it was under the umbrella of one common goal: serve the community by offering the best antique pickings of anywhere around. Craig and Rick went to work hard making hand-made furniture with reclaimed wood, and with a storefront at The Factory, this common goal was made possible.

Everything Craig and Rick do keep this mission in mind. The idea that not everything is what is appears to be (new or old) is an important lesson that all their items hold close and are clearly shown through their craftsmanship. What is one thing to someone might be something completely different to someone else. Just like our purpose in life might change as we grow older, so does the purpose for other items in our world. Anything is possible.

If you are looking for hand-crafted furniture made from reclaimed wood, or a hand-chosen antique picked from collections from all over the country, then CR-71 is the store for you. Have an idea for something but not sure how to make it come to life? Even better! Craig and Rick live for helping you bring your creative ideas to life. When they say they can build anything, they mean it! Stop by sometime and talk with the staff. All merchandise is crafted or picked with the purpose of inspiring others to creatively discover their multitude of purposes in the world.




Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Introducing: All Things Co.

You never know where faith and friendship will take you. All you can do is jump on the ride and hope it takes you somewhere worth it. In 2010, All Things Co. owners, Lindsay and Kellen, made a promise to each other… They wanted to use their friendship as a way to serve others. Lindsay and Kellen had no idea where that promise would lead them. But the one thing they knew for sure was that giving back to the community was the most important thing they could do.

However, like most journeys, there were bumps in the road ahead. At the beginning, they didn’t even have a vehicle, but they did have faith; and together they persevered.

Three years later, Lindsay and Kellen really began to see their dreams take shape. What started off as a one-month road trip along the east coast, turned into a ten-month venture across all fifty states.

One day we were driving down one of the highways.. We made some promises of things we could accomplish as best friends,” Lindsay says. It was obvious that love was the driving force throughout this journey. And why shouldn’t it be?

Fast forward one more year to 2014. Lindsay and Kellen were back home with their community on their mind. They knew that serving the locals in Nashville would be the gateway to serving the rest of the world. The two found themselves living Franklin, Tennessee, and after almost a year of traveling, they had a new-found inspiration fueling their dreams.

“We started with two product lines when we opened the doors at the end of July 2016, and it has grown into the little boutique that sits at the top of the stairs in the Factory,” Lindsay shares, “Over the last year, we have watched story after story come through the door and experienced the sweet connect to stories found within.”

All Things Co. very quickly expanded, and so did their hearts. It became a community hub with quality merchandise, and an even bigger goal than just commerce within the community. These two best friends wanted to drive a business on faith, hope, and love. With the help of the people of Franklin, and all their kindness, Lindsay and Kellen’s passion to serve others became a full-time reality. All Things Co. now showcases the talents of local artisans and helps connect the community to local and global issues, with a mission to better mankind.

22 Beads bracelets, a fan favorite at All Things Co., takes a portion of every purchase and gives to the endangered cheetah organization. Market Bags, another store favorite, gives to women recovering from prostitution, trafficking or addiction – they have filled their market with goods and hope.

As important as global relief efforts are, some might ask what is being done on a local level. All Things Co. takes great pride in being a heartbeat of the community giving to foundations such as The Narrow Gate Foundation. At The Narrow Gate Foundation, helping and inspiring young men to get their life back on track after making some poor choices is the main goal. To this date, Narrow Gate has helped over 250 young men go on to become leaders of the community in and around Nashville. Regardless of what you buy, you are making a difference. Maybe it will even inspire you to start a cause of your own- setting off a chain reaction of humanitarian and global relief efforts seen like never before.

Lindsay and Kellen have a unique outlook on business and more importantly, life. They believe connecting with those who walk through their store doors can make an impact on a great scale. They take their role as business owners not only seriously, but as friends operating on a faith-based mission. That mission being the reason for everything being done. So whether it be the purchase of a scarf to help the Syrian Refugee Crisis or the purchase of a bag of SYPCOFFEE to help individuals with rare disorders, everything is on the table. No issue too great or small.



Music City Seafood

Music City Seafood offers local diners access to fresh seafood brought to Tennessee three to four times a week from Boston, Miami, and the Gulf Coast. The restaurant has two menus. The first consists of signature items, including oysters served two ways, fried calamari, smoked fish dip, the area’s best fish and chips, fish tacos, po’ boys and shrimp and grits.  The second menu, posted on the restaurant’s blackboard wall, changes regularly and is based upon seasonal items from the restaurant’s seafood suppliers. The menus also incorporate locally sourced products, such as Queen Bee Pollinators honey, Bear Creek Farm beef, BriarScratch Brewing beer and Beaverdam Creek Farm grits.

Music City Seafood, a more than fifty-seat venue located at The Factory at Franklin, 230 Franklin Road, Suite 902, Franklin, Tenn., serves lunch Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dinner is served Thursday to Saturday, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The restaurant features live music on Friday nights. The restaurant currently has a beer license, but it is “bring your own bottle” with no corkage fees for other alcoholic beverages. For reservations or more information, please call 615-599-4923.

Download the Menu Here