Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Introducing: All Things Co.

You never know where faith and friendship will take you. All you can do is jump on the ride and hope it takes you somewhere worth it. In 2010, All Things Co. owners, Lindsay and Kellen, made a promise to each other… They wanted to use their friendship as a way to serve others. Lindsay and Kellen had no idea where that promise would lead them. But the one thing they knew for sure was that giving back to the community was the most important thing they could do.

However, like most journeys, there were bumps in the road ahead. At the beginning, they didn’t even have a vehicle, but they did have faith; and together they persevered.

Three years later, Lindsay and Kellen really began to see their dreams take shape. What started off as a one-month road trip along the east coast, turned into a ten-month venture across all fifty states.

One day we were driving down one of the highways.. We made some promises of things we could accomplish as best friends,” Lindsay says. It was obvious that love was the driving force throughout this journey. And why shouldn’t it be?

Fast forward one more year to 2014. Lindsay and Kellen were back home with their community on their mind. They knew that serving the locals in Nashville would be the gateway to serving the rest of the world. The two found themselves living Franklin, Tennessee, and after almost a year of traveling, they had a new-found inspiration fueling their dreams.

“We started with two product lines when we opened the doors at the end of July 2016, and it has grown into the little boutique that sits at the top of the stairs in the Factory,” Lindsay shares, “Over the last year, we have watched story after story come through the door and experienced the sweet connect to stories found within.”

All Things Co. very quickly expanded, and so did their hearts. It became a community hub with quality merchandise, and an even bigger goal than just commerce within the community. These two best friends wanted to drive a business on faith, hope, and love. With the help of the people of Franklin, and all their kindness, Lindsay and Kellen’s passion to serve others became a full-time reality. All Things Co. now showcases the talents of local artisans and helps connect the community to local and global issues, with a mission to better mankind.

22 Beads bracelets, a fan favorite at All Things Co., takes a portion of every purchase and gives to the endangered cheetah organization. Market Bags, another store favorite, gives to women recovering from prostitution, trafficking or addiction – they have filled their market with goods and hope.

As important as global relief efforts are, some might ask what is being done on a local level. All Things Co. takes great pride in being a heartbeat of the community giving to foundations such as The Narrow Gate Foundation. At The Narrow Gate Foundation, helping and inspiring young men to get their life back on track after making some poor choices is the main goal. To this date, Narrow Gate has helped over 250 young men go on to become leaders of the community in and around Nashville. Regardless of what you buy, you are making a difference. Maybe it will even inspire you to start a cause of your own- setting off a chain reaction of humanitarian and global relief efforts seen like never before.

Lindsay and Kellen have a unique outlook on business and more importantly, life. They believe connecting with those who walk through their store doors can make an impact on a great scale. They take their role as business owners not only seriously, but as friends operating on a faith-based mission. That mission being the reason for everything being done. So whether it be the purchase of a scarf to help the Syrian Refugee Crisis or the purchase of a bag of SYPCOFFEE to help individuals with rare disorders, everything is on the table. No issue too great or small.