Easy Rider: Franklin’s First Moto Sanctuary is Alive and Well

“Why do you ride?”

This is the big question John Chandler asks to all who enter his store, Franklin Moto. John knows every person – every bike – has a story to tell… and he wants to hear them all.

John’s particular story consists of trips to the Grand Canyon, tours of Joshua Tree National Park, and down America’s historic Route 66. Across the road’s dotted white lines his youngest son, Elisha, rides beside him. These are just a few adventures they have enjoyed. John remarks, reminiscing on all the memories just a few tanks of gas brought him, “ we rode through all kinds of weather stopping often to simply soak in the natural beauty.”

Other than the scenery, there is more to the bike life that has made John fall in love with this lifestyle and he is excited to see where it heads next, “the motorcycle culture is experiencing a true renaissance in urban areas,” John commented. It’s the journey and experience that hooked him, and he’s now developed his dream of having a piece of this beloved culture right here in the heart of Franklin.

Situated in The Factory, John wants Franklin Moto to empower, encourage, and equip the riders of Williamson County. He does this with more than just his rustic, unique motos and apparel; John and his team offer free consulting on buying and selling used bikes. Franklin Moto also educates how safe and easy it can be to maintain/buy/sell a used bike. He even offers advice and guidance on how to build one your own! All they need is a little TLC, he says, but some wise words from an expert like John definitely help.

The most exciting part? Franklin Moto is just getting started. John has big plans to expand, and is already using their grand showroom to sell a few beauties; and by offering a few customization services, John is ready to rock-n-roll. His only goal is to provide even more than he already does for his bike family in Franklin. John wants to create a space to provide tools and knowledge to let riders work on their own bike, get their own hands dirty. John says garage collectives like this are popping up all over the country in big cities and figures Franklin isn’t far behind. Swapping stories, tools, and ideas, Franklin Moto will be a sanctuary for those who are passionate about their rides. John’s not just creating a sacred cycle home for Franklin, he’s also putting Franklin on the motor map. He wants Franklin Moto to be a place to stop for touring riders, he wants to provide exceptional experiences for riders in his own city. He wants to be a part of your story, one of the reasons you ride.